a spell to help with grading papers?

Donna Hicks speculates about the teaching life in the Harry Potter universe…

I wonder if Hogwarts teachers use magic to grade papers. I would like to know that spell. “Gradomindus!” Hmm… it appears my ruler doesn’t really work as a wand.

How about a spell to get students to understand a difficult concept? “Comprendo!”

– from “Teaching Magic: Dumbledore Had it. Do You?” NEA Today, January 2008, p. 60.


3 thoughts on “a spell to help with grading papers?

  1. I want that spell “comprendo” – but we might also need a “spell” checker as well as a “poof” reader — not my jokes – but favorites saved from the comic strip “Mutts”.

    Minor victory – last day of class one student learned what “idle” meant – It’s true I want to expand vocabulary but I had in mind adding words like “hegemony” not “idle.” However, if they don’t know “idle” then I guess we have to meet them where they are. On the other hand, I learned that I am an opsimath. My word of the week. (check it out on Wikipedia).

    Cool to see your visitors from south Africa and Australia.

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