Wordle, me, Charlotte Gilman, Anne Sexton, and undeterminable others

Thought I’d post a couple of Wordle wordclouds since I haven’t done so in a while.  And I was thinking how these word clouds are a geneaology of words: they re-represent my words which were based on my re-presentation of Sexton’s and Gilman’s words which in turn were based on their re-presentation of a hundred other texts swimming around in their heads. An almost endless geneaology actually. Cool.

This one’s my paper from my Cather & Gilman class this fall, entitled Vivian’s Pilgrim’s Progress in Gilman’s The Crux


And this one’s from my “Women in Literature” course this summer, entitled “Patient Salvaging”: Anne Sexton’s Re-Visioning of the Divine in “The Awful Rowing Toward God”



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