stuff to get at library


Boal, J.H., Randall J. Heeres, Frances R. Poston, and Keith A. Blanding. “Religion in the Classroom II.” The English Journal 73.2 (Feb 1984): 45-47.

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2 thoughts on “stuff to get at library

  1. Great banner photo!

    Here’s something else to get at library if you haven’t already read it – essay by Shannon Carter from College English from July 2007 – “Living inside the Bible (Belt)” about dealing with Evangelical students in the writing classroom, and issues of whether (or not) the Bible verses count as evidence in an academic essay. She is speaking at Moreland tomorrow (Mon Jan 12) at 4 PM. Can you come?

  2. Thanks! It was serious winter wonderland up there that day.

    And thanks for the Shannon Carter reference. I just found that — and found a pdf — this morning, actually. And just last night realized that the reason her name was sounding so familiar to me was that she’s on my thesis bibliography! I’ve got an English 101 syllabus of hers in which she has students read and write about six essays on the issue of religion and faith on academic campuses.

    So, yes, I’m definitely going to be there tomorrow, to meet her. I’ll be a bit late, though. Have class till 2:50p way over in Callahan.

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