study break with Brandi Carlile

Still more reading to do, but first a study break. Decided to browse youtube for Brandi Carlile videos. I am a bit dumbfounded by her voice.  I don’t too often love just an artist’s voice — almost regardless of other factors, I mean. What usually makes artists my favorites is the combination — of lyrics, melody, style, philosophy, personality, etc.  John Denver had a beautiful voice (and it got richer/better as he got older), but I loved him for his heart, his causes, his lyrics, etc. Same thing with the Indigo Girls. They are great by virtue of the voices, the harmonies, the causes, the lyrics, the melodies — all of it together.  But Brandi, she could sing anything and I would be in an aesthetic stupor. Wow.

Okay. Only a slight exaggeration. :)

Brandi Carlile – Sixty Years On

Brandi Carlile – Turpentine (live at Later…)

Brandi Carlile – Have You Ever?

Okay, one more thing to read and then sleep.


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