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My last post — “study break with Brandi Carlile” — generated, yesterday and today, about three or four times as many hits as my average post.  That’s cool, on one hand. It reminds me of a couple other of my posts — ones that mention well-known people’s names in the title — which have also received disproportionately high hits. This time, though, the most was not half as substantitive as those other posts, and so I hope I didn’t disappoint too many people — hello, out there :) — who might have thought, “study break with Brandi Carlile, that sounds interesting,” only to find only a brief burst of admiration for her voice and a few links. Though — not as if the blogosphere is not full of disappointing posts. But this phenomenon is also kind of like those intriguing magazine article titles you see on the cover, only to flip through the pages to a mere blurb and with information or insights you already knew.

Anyway, so I suppose I’ll just say, if my post disappointed any blog visitors from Google-land, sorry about that. If not, hello. And welcome to my blog. :)


2 thoughts on “post titles

  1. I totally added you to my go-to-blogs after yesterday’s little “Study Break With Brandi Carlile” post. Relax – it was perfect and endearing as I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have got my master’s without numerous “Study Breaks with Brandi Carlile.”


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