more to get at library

More to get at library:

Stuchel, Victoria S. “Teaching English when YOU are a Religious Fanatic” English Journal 71.5 (Sept 1982): 32-33. “Supports teaching literature from a religious point of view.” PE1 .E581 (Mentioned in Helen Heightsman Gordon’s piece under “Facets: Religion in the Classoom” EJ Sept 1983. )

Marsden, George M. The Outrageous Idea of Christian Scholarship. New York: Oxford, 1997. 142 pages. BT738.17 .M37 1997

Marsden, George. The Soul of the American University: From Protestant Establishment to Established Nonbelief. New York: Oxford, 1994. LA226 .M34 1994  Anne Ruggles Gere mentions.

Turner, James. “Secularization and Sacralization: Speculations on Some Religious Origins of the SEcular Humanities Curriculum, 1850-1900” in The Secularization of the Academy. Eds George M. Marsden and Bradley J. Longfield. New York: Oxford UP, 1992. LC383 .S43 1992


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