headless for a night

I’m having trouble with wordpress’s custom image header function. If I do a certain combination of actions (like clearing my cache, rebooting, and/or cleaning up my media library), it sometimes works. But since the last ten tries haven’t worked and it’s getting late, I’m giving up on it. And I figure I’ll just leave my blog on a different theme — a headerless theme — overnight. I’ve been in the mood to try a new theme, anyway. It’s just that in general I gotta have an image header. I love my image header! Whew, well, anyway I’ll have to go headless for a night. Too tired to keep playing with it now. Night night, all. Signed, Headless Laura.


2 thoughts on “headless for a night

  1. Just so you know, your site looks lovely with or without a header! It’s always nice to know that you are not the only one that has had trouble at times. i had problems with my avataar. It uploaded and was fine, the next day it was back to the old one and I couldn’t change it. I tried everything! Then all of a sudden one day the new one appeared again! Don’t know why and didn’t ask. Just left it alone. Nice blog. Take care


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