yet even more to get at library

Yikes. It’s almost 4:00p and I haven’t eat lunch yet. Gotta stop.


Neuleib, Janice. “Spilt Religion: Student Motivation and Values-Based Writing.” Writing on the Edge (WOE) 4.1 (Fall 1992). PE 1404 .W7286

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Farber, Paul. “Tongue Tied: On Taking Religion Seriously in School.” Educational Theory Vol. 45 Issue 1 Page 85 March 1995 Available online from 1996 :(. In stacks in valley L11 .E37 LIBRARY OWNS    v.1 (1951) – v.53 (2003) *Lacks some issues*

Carter, Shannon. “Dr. Liberal in the Bible Belt: An Exploration of Conservative Rhetoric.” Federation Rhetoric Symposium. Denton, Texas. February 2002.

Cassity, Kathleen. “Exploring Religious Hybridity in the Writing Classroom.” Presented at CCCC 2008 in New Orleans. (F.30 “Writing Realities in “Paradise”: Real Students, Real Teachers). Cassity is at Hawaii Pacific University, Honolulu.

Carter, Shannon. “Living Inside the Bible (Belt): What Vernacular Literacies Have to Teach Us About Academic Ones.” 57th Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC). Chicago, IL. March 2006.


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