stuff for English 101

Woman: without her, man is nothing.
Woman, without her man, is nothing.


2 thoughts on “stuff for English 101

  1. Are you teaching ENG 101 in winter term in YVCC? Cool! do tell all!

    Vicki will be teaching WR 222, so I’m going to share some stuff with her. I should be working on my own WR 222 and 323, but instead am going to try to work on paperwork for taxes (GAH!). How is your Christmas tree coming? Cats loving it? Ours is slowly covering itself in ornaments – first all the cats, then all the coastal stuff, now birds and butterflies and airplanes. Land-Sea-Air. Perhaps the reverse of Genesis?

  2. Hey, Sara! Yep, I’m teaching one section of 101 in winter. I’m very excited. I was offered another section, but decided to stick with one since I still have thesizing to do.

    As for our Christmas tree, this is actually the first year we’ve not had a tree. I’ve just been so busy with the thesis and preparing to teach, we’ve cut a lot of festivities.

    That’s cool! Your ornaments, I mean. Ours are like that, too — we have birds and stars — all heavenly stuff. But yeah — I like the reverse genesis idea. lol

    More via Facebook……

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