updated 24 July 2014

My name is Laura D. May (I put the “D” in there because otherwise people think May is my middle name — you know, like Eliza Jane or Betty Sue), and I teach composition and direct the writing center at Yakima Valley Community College (Yakima, WA), Grandview campus.

I chose the name “Cultivated Pages” for this blog because it conveys a lot of what’s important to me: 1) my work to help students cultivate their own writing, 2) my work to cultivate my own writing and thinking, 3) my love and study of Scripture (pages which were most definitely cultivated — by God, by servants of God, by commentators, exegetes, translators, pastors, and everyday women and men down through the centuries), and 4) the pages of this blog itself which help me cultivate all of the above.

My email address is ldmay7 at gmail dot com. Please comment on anything I post here. Thank you for visiting!

Laura D. May


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Have we ever talked? I found your blog by looking at links/references to my blog on Technorati. I feel like I’m looking at myself! *laugh* My blog is mostly about being queer and Christian, but I’m also starting my second year of my MA in Comp/Rhet. I used to work in writing centers extensively and am going to be starting again this year as assistant director in our new center. I’m at Miami University, Ohio. Also, I’m considering getting an M.Div. I’m definitely going to have to bookmark your site!

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